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My First 1000 Words from the Quran

‘My First Thousand Words from the Quran’ is a book for children of all ages. The aim of this book is to teach children the vocabulary of the Quran in a fun, interesting and exciting way. The Quranic vocabulary is illustrated though great pictures and colourful scenes, with lots to discover and talk about.

Included in this book are over 30 varied classroom activities and games that teachers and parents can use to make the class more interesting and fun.

The peel off/on stickers encourage children to match the correct words to ensure effective vocabulary building and allows the children to reuse them if they did not get it right the first time.

The internet linked pronunciation guide is an excellent resource that helps children to learn the pronunciation of each word in this book through listening to them on the website. The website link can be accessed via

All the vocabulary in this book is taken from the Quran thus ensuring that  the child’s time studying concentrates on Arabic vocabulary used in the Quran. Thus they do not waste time learning Arabic words which they may never use.

8 Steps for Developing Khushū’ in Salah

8 Steps for developing Khushu in Salah

Khushū’ is the essence of Salah. Salah without Khushū’ is like a body without a soul. When Salah is prayed without Khushū’, it is as though we are presenting Allah with a lifeless Salah. This book will teach you how to develop Khushū’, using the threefold method; Enlightenment, Obstructions and Actions. In the Action phase, you will learn a further 8 practical steps and the acronym used for this model is ‘PARADISE’ where each letter represents one of the steps that you must take to develop Khushū’ in Salah.


If you want your Salah to bring joy and happiness to you in your life, and remove all of the worries, sadness and anxieties from your life, then the only way forward is by implementing the ‘8 Steps to developing Khushū’ in Salah’. These are: 


P = Preparation

A = Awareness

R = Recitation

A = Arabic

D = Dua

I = Imagination

S = Stance

E = Eternal Life


Very soon, a time will come when you will be willing to give up your wealth, property and everything that you used to possess in this world, just for the sake of ONE Sajdah with Khushū’. But by then, it will be too late. While your soul remains within you there is still time, but no one knows when their final moment will come. So: Don’t Delay! Act Now!

Master Quranic Arabic in 24 Hours

Master Quranic Arabic in 24 Hours Have you ever wanted to learn the language in which the final revelation (the Quran) was revealed? Maybe you thought learning Arabic was too difficult for you or that you were too old to learn a new language. Well, in fact, not only is learning Quranic Arabic remarkably easy, it can also be fun, as you’ll see in this 24-Hour course.


Even if you have little or no knowledge of Arabic, you’ll find it easy going through these tutorials in the comfort of your home. At the end of each Hour you will be able to put your knowledge into practice and begin to understand Quranic Arabic.

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Master Tawheed in 24 Hours

The first question that we will be asked in our grave will be about our Lord. This in itself is sufficient to show you the importance of this book. That book that you are holding is nothing more than a summary of the principles of what is truly meant when we declare the“oneness of God!” If you master these principles, you will be protected from many doubts that may arise due either to cultural interference or ignorance. It is a manual of how to protect your most valuable gift – the faith.

Master Tawheed in 24 Hours

Master the Miracles of the Quran in 10 Days

Many of us have heard this statement many times ‘Quran is a miracle of miracles’. We have heard this many times and we continue to hear this statement often, but the question is that what is it in the Quran that really makes the Quran a miracle? Well to find out more, by mastering the miracles in this book you will master the miracles in the Quran that you may have never heard of. When I found these amazing miracles in the Quran after every miracle that I found I asked myself this question, ‘How come I was unaware of this miracle?’ ‘Why didn’t I know about this miracle?’ some miracles amazed me where as some shocked me. I can assure you, once you start reading this book, it will not quench your thirst until you finish reading it and you would feel the same way as what I felt when I got to know about these miracles. This will only increase in knowing your creator, Allah and becoming more obedient to him since this is really the ultimate purpose of our creation.

Master the Miracles of the Quran in 10 Days
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Nuzhatun Nazar Fi Tawdeehi Nukhbatil Fikr

Commentary of the famous book titled Nuzhatun Nazar Fi Tawdeehi Nukhbatil Fikr of Hafiz Ibn Hajar R.A on the Science of Hadith. 

Book is in 2 Volumes. 

The Patience of the Pious Predecessors in Seeking Knowledge

A translation of the book of Shaikh Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah titled 'The Patience of the Pious Predecessors in Seeking Knowledge.'

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