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Terms and conditions

All users must read these terms and conditions before they start using the Quran Tafseer app. The users will be given access to the app if they accept it and agree to comply with these terms. All the people who visit use or access our app will be bound to follow it. if you use or access the app then this means that you have agreed to these services. If you are not comfortable with any part of the policy then you can choose to not access the app.

Links to other websites

We inform you that our app is going to contain links to other websites and services. Some of them would not be owned and controlled by the Quran Tafseer app.We do not accept any kind of responsibility for the content, practices, and privacy policies of these third-party apps. If you make use of any such third-party app or link then the Quran Tafseer app would not be responsible for any damages or losses that you would incur. You need to acknowledge and agree to it that the app is not directly or indirectly responsible for your loss due to your reliance on the content or services.We suggest that you read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of those third-party apps before you visit them.

Termination of service

We can restrict or terminate your access to our app for any reason. We are not bound to give you any prior notice nor are we liable for anything. For any reason, we can terminate your access to our app immediately. We are not restricted to termination of access in case of breach of terms only.

Due to their nature, certain provisions of the app would survive termination. A great number of services are included in it. They may include ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability. However, it is not limited to only this and certain other provisions may survive termination depending upon the nature of things.

Governing law

All these terms are being governed very vigilantly. They are being governed in accordance with the international laws and no thought has been put into a conflict of governance with the laws of any specific country.

If for some reason we fail to enforce any term or condition that we have included in these terms and conditions then it cannot be considered a waiver of rights. If any of these terms are regarded as invalid or unenforceable by any court then this does not have any impact on other provisions of this policy. All the remaining provisions except for the one that has been deemed invalid will remain in effect. The terms that you are going to sign present the entire agreement about our service that we are going to sign with our users. If any prior agreement has ever been made then the importance of that agreement is negligible in front of this agreement. This agreement supersedes and replaces all the agreements that have ever been made before between our customers and us.


We have the absolute right to make any change to these terms and conditions. The right is our sole discretion. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy or to completely alter it. We can make changes to the policy at any time we see fit. We are not bound to inform the customers about the changes and are not bound to their consent. However, if it is a material revision then we agree to provide a 30-day prior notice to our clients. We would inform them beforehand about any changes that are going to be made to the policy in that condition only. However, it is again our right to choose what information is included in the material change information. We would define this on our own and information about that to our users.

After you have learned the changes that are going to be made to the policy you can choose to keep using the app or leave it. If you keep using the services or access the app after the revisions have been made then it means that you agree to the changes that have been made. If you do not agree with the revised policy then stop using the app.

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